Historically low interest rates and what it means to your monthly payments.

Interest rates are continuing to go down. As of this month they are close to 3.4%. It is a historic number and if you are in the market looking to buy you should consider taking advantage of low rates. This assumes you have good credit, a strong down payment and can qualify for the monthly debt obligations. The slide below shows you how much a $100,000 mortgage would cost you in principal and interest (P&I) over the last ten years given the interest rate.

Let us say you want to buy a condo for $360,000. You decide to put down 20% and borrow $300,000. If you multiply $443 * 3 your payment for principal and interest would be $1330.44. If you look at the P&I payment on a…

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Are we in a Chicago market recovery?

In my last blog I discussed the national real estate market. The more relevant question is what is the trend in the local Chicago market? The real estate market trends in one neighborhood and or at various price points can vary dramatically. Basic economics are about supply and demand. How much inventory is available and how many people want to buy determines the direction of prices.  

Months Supply Impact on PriceIs Chicago a buyers’ or a sellers’ market? The best way to address this is to look at  inventory by price point and neighborhood. Typically one to four months of inventory means it is a sellers’ market and you will begin to see appreciation in pricing. Five to six months of inventory is when prices stabilize and seven + months of…

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Are we in a real estate market recovery?

When asked this question as a REALTOR®, I first look at the overall national real estate market and then evaluate the specific local market conditions.

Pending Home Sales Chart

For several months now, all indications show that the national housing market is picking up and much of the media states we are now in a “housing recovery”. In most markets across the country, sales and prices are moving in a positive direction. The Pending Homes Sales chart demonstrates overall sales increasing from June 2010 levels to July 2012.

Nationally, home sales are up 8.6%, inventory is down 24.4%, distressed properties are down 33% and interest rates are down by almost one point. One caveat: although it shows that median home prices have gone up…

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