If you’re thinking about refinancing the mortgage on your condo, it’s not exactly the same as a single-family home. With a condo, you have two sets of loan guidelines. 

The first applies to you specifically, while the other applies to the condo owners’ association. Your owner’s association becomes a third party in the loan refinancing process. 

This is where your neighbors come into play. You won’t want many non-owner occupied rental units or foreclosures in your complex. 

It’s also important that your association’s financials are in relatively good shape. The lender will likely require a condo questionnaire that takes these things into account.

Another thing to consider is the amount of equity you have, which is usually determined by an…

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Tribune Tower East CondosSoon to be Chicago’s second tallest building, Tribune Tower East is making some big promises for the future. Here are just a few reasons why luxury condo buyers in Chicago will want to strongly consider buying at the extravagant new Tribune Tower East building.

The amenities

The mixed-use building will eventually house condos, apartments, added amenities and even a hotel. The addition of ground level retail space, a parking garage and some office space will only add to the property’s appeal and convenience. 

The views

The views will surely be spectacular. Nearly three times as tall as Tribune Tower, Tribune Tower East is scheduled to stand more than 1,400 feet high. At 102-stories, it’s sure to deliver some pretty amazing views overlooking…

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