Most Viewed Condo Buildings in Chicago IL

Low inventory and increasing mortgage rates have been the defining characteristics of real estate in 2023, leaving many home buyers and selling wondering if the new year will bring some much needed relief, positivity, and stability back to the housing market as a whole. Back in August, the average mortgage rate exceeded 7%—the highest level in two decades—and with home sales in Chicago down 11% in September, it seems the rush of home buyers transitioning to a new living situation due to new work-from-home policies and other lifestyle changes has dwindled as well. Despite these and other market challenges, however, the end of the year is rapidly approaching now that the calendar has flipped over to November, making it the ideal time to start looking…

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Where Celebrities Live in Chicago IL

Located along the banks of the stunning Lake Michigan, Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States and is beloved for its world-renowned architecture, excellent dining scene, and lively arts and entertainment landscape. With so many attractions, museums, and unique neighborhoods rich with their own history and culture, The Windy City has been home to quite a few celebrities over the years. From high-rise luxury apartment buildings to Victorian brownstones, Chicago has catered to celebrities with different preferences and a wide range of purchasing power. Considering the properties they’ve owned, it’s not surprising that these celebrities were excited to call Chicago home.

Vince Vaughn - The Palmolive

Vince Vaughn, the actor best known…

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Chicago Suburbs With Lakefront Homes For Sale

Thanks to being situated right smack dab in the middle of the country, you might not think of Chicago as having some of the most spectacular waterfront homes in the nation. But because of the crystal clear waters of Lake Michigan, several of Chicago’s North Shore suburbs feature a collection of lakefront homes that are truly nothing short of spectacular. 

Glencoe, IL

Home to some of the Midwest's priciest residential properties, Glencoe, Illinois is a small, historic suburb located roughly 20 miles north of Chicago. The village, which was originally founded in 1835 Anson Taylor, boasts stunning views of Lake Michigan and is known for its lush green spaces. Glencoe's downtown area is quaint but vibrant. Here you'll find plenty of restaurants,…

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