Chicago's Top Neighborhoods To Search Lofts Outside of Downtown

Posted by Sam Tarara on Friday, September 14th, 2018 at 9:58am.

Chicago LoftsWhile Chicago’s West Loop, River North, and South Loop neighborhoods have the highest concentration of classic timber and concrete lofts, these locations aren’t the only places in town you’ll find authentic loft conversions. And even though inventory might be a littler tighter, here are just a few additional neighborhoods outside of downtown we recommend any loft buyer should consider. 


Considered by many to be one of Chicago’s hippest locations, the Bucktown housing supply is just as diverse as its population. Along with all the modern new construction single-family homes, vintage workers cottages, and wide-range of condo buildings, Bucktown also has its fair-share of residential lofts as well, which is one of many reasons why it tops our list. 

Logan Square 

Although Bucktown is technically a part of Logan Square, most recognize as being separate from Bucktown, and so will we for the purposes of this blog. Like Bucktown, you won’t find the kind of loft inventory in Logan Square as other downtown neighborhoods mentioned above, although given how hot the West Loop has been recently, chances are options are limited over there right now too. 

Lincoln Park 

Lincoln Park is probably known most of its high-end single-family homes, and perhaps even for the tower high-rises that line the neighborhood’s park and lakefront. But believe it or not, Lincoln Park also has a fabulous mix of condos and lofts that rarely leaves loft buyers wanting more. 


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