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Gold Coast Condo Buildings With The Most Expensive Units

Nestled along the famous shores of the Gold Coast, the area's condo buildings stand as towering testaments to fine living. Each building, with its unique architectural flair, offers a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of its residents. From breathtaking skyline views to state-of-the-art fitness centers and private pools, these condos redefine the essence of upscale urban living. This guide aims to take you through some of the most expensive condo buildings on Chicago's Gold Coast, showcasing why this neighborhood is a coveted destination for those seeking the very best in luxury living.

65 E. Goethe

Address: 65 E Goethe St, Chicago, IL 60610

The 65 E. Goethe condo building in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago is known for its exclusive…

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Chicago Condo Buildings That Don't Allow Dogs

Chicago’s skyline is adorned with a plethora of high-rise condo buildings, each offering a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and exclusivity. However, among these towering architectural marvels, a select few buildings enforce a strict no dogs allowed policy. These condos, situated in some of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods like the Gold Coast and Near North Side, are known for their elegance while also drawing in like-minded people who want to live in a pet-free building. Buildings implement no dogs allowed policies for various reasons, and these policies have impacts on residents and prospective homeowners. While the prohibition of dogs may seem incongruous with the pet-loving culture of many urban dwellers, these buildings maintain…

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Chicago Condos With Best Lake Views


If you’re looking for a Chicago condo building with some of the best views of Lake Michigan, you certainly have several great options. But here's where you'll find the best of the best when it comes to Chicago condos with views of the lakefront...

600 N. Lake Shore

Right in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood, 600 N Lake Shore sits close to the lake and Navy Pier. The two condo buildings each offer unobstructed views overlooking Lake Michigan, as each residence in the complex comes with its own private balcony. The property also comes with a rooftop deck, providing even more opportunities to take in outstanding views of the surrounding area.

One Bennett Park

One Bennett Park is a luxury condo building that’s also found in the…

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Chicago Historic Districts

From the stunning architecture to the compelling tales of yesteryears, each of Chicago's historic districts offers a unique glimpse into the city's past.  Whether you are a history buff or simply looking to explore the city's diverse neighborhoods, each of these districts are worth adding to your itinerary.

Bryn Mawr Historic District 

The Bryn Mawr Historic District, established in the early 20th century, is a distinct part of Chicago's architectural and cultural legacy. Originally inhabited by Swedish immigrants, the district rapidly developed into a thriving commercial and residential hub. Today, the Bryn Mawr Historic District remains one of Chicago's most vibrant historic districts, and a defining part of the city's Edgewater neighborhood.…

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Luxury Condos and Apartments Sold and Rented in Chicago

Low inventory and increasing mortgage rates have made much of 2023 both an interesting and challenging year for Chicago’s real estate market. But despite these difficult conditions, the last 6 months have yielded some pretty high-profile deals, both on the rental and the sales sides of the market

Most Expensive Homes/Apartments Rented in Chicago

(May-October '23)

Despite many of the most expensive apartments for rent being in newer construction buildings, a 12th floor unit in The Ambassador was the highest-priced apartment rented in Chicago over the last 6 months. The Row Fulton Market and One Bennett Park also continue to be among the city's most popular buildings for luxury rentals and are the only two buildings to have multiple units…

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Where Celebrities Live in Chicago IL

Located along the banks of the stunning Lake Michigan, Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States and is beloved for its world-renowned architecture, excellent dining scene, and lively arts and entertainment landscape. With so many attractions, museums, and unique neighborhoods rich with their own history and culture, The Windy City has been home to quite a few celebrities over the years. From high-rise luxury apartment buildings to Victorian brownstones, Chicago has catered to celebrities with different preferences and a wide range of purchasing power. Considering the properties they’ve owned, it’s not surprising that these celebrities were excited to call Chicago home.

Vince Vaughn - The Palmolive

Vince Vaughn, the actor best known…

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Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Chicago IL

Located right on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and has a reputation for delivering the very best of the country’s dining, art, culture, entertainment, and architecture. The Windy City is home to a number of neighborhoods, each of which has its own unique feel, go-to restaurants, local shops, and noteworthy attractions. Some of Chicago’s most desirable neighborhoods also happen to be some of the city’s most expensive, but for those looking to relocate to these Chicago neighborhoods, the steep price tag may very well be worthwhile.

Gold Coast

An historic district with charming streets and luxurious homes, Chicago’s Gold Coast is a neighborhood known for its gorgeous architecture, upscale…

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Gold Coast Condo Buildings With a Pool

Most condo buyers in Chicago consider a building's lifestyle amenities before making a final decision on where to buy, which is especially true in most downtown neighborhoods like the Gold Coast. And while some buyers may love having a state-of-the-art fitness center or a resident lounge with plenty of space to entertain, here's a closer look at where we recommend starting your new condo search if easy access to a swimming pool is top priority. 

1555 N Astor

Built back in 1977 and home to over 100 units, 1155 N. Astor features some pretty high-end units despite its age.  And along with having a swimming pool, 1555 N. Astor is located along one of the quietest, tree-lined streets in the Gold Coast, further boosting its appeal and desirability. 

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Gold Coast Vintage Condo Buildings

Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood is synonymous with historic buildings and classic architectural styles, helping make it one of the top places in the city to search vintage condos. And while there's no shortage of elegant condo buildings with loads of charm and character, here's where you'll find some of the most desirable vintage condos in the area. 

1200 N. Lake Shore Drive

One of these buildings is located at 1200 N Lake Shore Drive. This exceptional building offers 12-floors, containing a total of 55 condos within its walls. The condos for sale at 1200 N. Lake Shore range from one- to two-bedroom designs.  Sophisticated, with old-style elegance, the homes commonly include original and restored hardwoods, plus upgraded appliances and…

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Downtown Chicago Condo Buildings With Large Balconies

If there is one luxury that is a must-have in Chicago, it’s a large balcony for taking in the city’s breathtaking views. Whether buildings face Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, or the Chicago skyline, everywhere you turn is another magnificent view. Not only do large balconies make for the perfect place to take in the city’s scenery, but they also offer outdoor space for gardening, gathering, or relaxation. Outfit your balcony with an herb garden, flowers, outdoor furniture, or take a yoga mat outside for a peaceful outdoor workout. With a beautiful balcony, you’ll find countless reasons to get outside and enjoy the view.

Marina Towers

A Chicago landmark, Marina Towers located inside Marina City was the tallest residential building in the world…

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