Why Pilsen is a Great Chicago Neighborhood for Your Next Multi-Family Investment

Posted by Sam Tarara on Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 at 11:21am.

If you’re searching for a new multi-family investment in Chicago you may want to consider looking in the Pilsen neighborhood. Although hardly ground-breaking news, Pilsen is still an especially great choice right now for investors for a variety of reasons.

Many of the city's most savvy investors have all reported buying multi-family properties in the area a few years back, fixing them up, and selling them in more recent months at a considerable profit. In some cases, buyers say they’ve cashed in at a return of 36 to 51-percent higher than their original investment, which could be sustainable for just a bit longer. 

These aren’t unique cases, either. Many property owners in Pilsen and other neighborhoods to the west also say they’ve been able to profit from buildings they purchased in recent years, especially as higher rent prices continue to sweep the area.

Like some other neighborhoods in the Chicago area, Pilsen offers what investors want. It’s easy to catch the Pink Line to the west or the Orange Line to the south. It’s also closer to the Loop than popular investor neighborhoods right now like Logan Square and Humboldt Park. 

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