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Just prior to the recession that started in 2009, development in the South Loop started to totally change the neighborhood landscape, until of course the housing crash set in and new construction came to a screeching halt. Since then, however, development is once again on the rise all throughout the South Loop and new rentals and apartments are making their way to this part of the city seemingly faster than ever. 

Outside of being in a totally different location, the South Loop rental market is much like what you’ll find over in River North, with available options ranging from lofts and high-rise condos for rent to plenty of vintage apartment buildings that have a wide range of affordable choices. In addition, the South Loop’s close proximity to The Loop also makes it a highly desirable place to live, which is yet another comparable characteristic to River North; But as you’ll quickly see once browsing available listings in each location, the one key difference between these two downtown Chicago neighborhoods largely relates to price. In general, South Loop rentals offer a it more bang for your buck, while River North is widely considered to be one of the trendiest parts of Chicago, which is reflected in most of its listing prices. 

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