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Wedged in between the heart of North Center and the western portion of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is a cozy little community known as Roscoe Village. Defined by its charming collection of taverns, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes that are lined up and down Roscoe Street between Damen and Western, Roscoe Village is widely considered to be one of the North Side’s true hidden gems. And while a stroll down Damen should certainly be enticing enough for just about any home buyer out there, there’s certainly much more to the Roscoe Village community than just a small little commercial corridor. But we’ll get to that below. For now, we’ll just stick to the basics and give you a little bit more about the neighborhood’s location. Generally speaking, Roscoe Village is defined as the area between Addison Street to the north, Western Avenue to the west, Lincoln Avenue to the east, and Belmont Avenue to the south. Although depending on who you talk to, those boundary lines might expand just a bit further beyond that. 

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While it wasn’t that long ago when the Roscoe Village real estate landscape was defined by vintage condos and older single-family homes, things have certainly changed in the last decade or so. Today, Roscoe Village is loaded with luxury single-family homes and also quite the inventory of newly developed condo residences, which certainly helps make it an attractive destination for anybody looking for a fancy new place to live. The neighborhood’s close proximity to Lane Tech certainly helps make it desirable for a lot of active home buyers, and as mentioned, its quiet residential vibe that also includes one of the more charming village strips you’ll find in Chicago only boosts its appeal and desirability overall. But given Roscoe Village certainly isn't one of the north side's largest neighborhoods in terms of total area, options and opportunities to become part of this special location aren't as common as in many of its immediate neighboring communities. 

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