LOOK: An Exclusive Sneak Peak at Aerial Shots From Iwan Baan's Upcoming Exhibit During the Chicago Architecture Biennial

Posted by Helaine Cohen on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 at 3:12pm.

There’s something magical about aerial photography, especially when it comes to urban areas in which we live, work, and play. With the growing popularity of personal drones, the art of aerial photography has become increasing popular among the general public, not to mention much easier to do.

But like anything, when aerial photography is left to the professionals, it’s usually even more stunning than one can expect. As documented by Chicago Magazine, the Chicago Architecture Biennial commissioned Iwan Baan to photograph the Windy City’s skyline for an exhibit that will be on display from October 3rd to January 3rd. And for those of us who can’t wait to see some of his breathtaking shots of our great city, they provided us with an exclusive sneak peak of a few of his shots.

Have a look here….

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