Chicago Condo Buildings Starting to Implement No Smoking Inside Units Policies

Posted by Helaine Cohen on Friday, July 3rd, 2015 at 4:08pm.

Chicago Condo Buildings No Smoking

There’s an interesting new trend happening around Chicago that relates to condo living and it’s one that’s causing quite the controversy. Highlighted in a recent article from Crain’s Chicago Business, a number of condo buildings in the city have recently banned cigarette smoking inside   residents’ units, with apparently many more perhaps following suit sooner rather than later.

According to most condo building bylaws, residents cannot engage in activities that pose a nuisance to any fellow condo owner, and given it’s nearly impossible to stop smoke from traveling from one unit to another, more and more condo boards are starting to eliminate cigarette smoking inside altogether.

Smoking inside a building’s common areas such as the lobby or hallways has of course been outlawed since 2008, under the city’s Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, but forbidding smoking inside a private residence is certainly a totally different animal that’s sure to cause some issues among condo owners who specifically smoke.

Most of the Chicago condo buildings where a cigarette ban has already been enacted are vintage buildings with perhaps slightly less modern building features and air flow systems, however, in a generation where healthy living is much more of a priority than it was even 5 to 10 years ago, even buildings with tighter building standards could likely even adopt a no smoking in-unit policy.

According to the Crain’s piece, condo buildings with a no smoking in-unit policy already in affect include 2626 N. Lakeview, 1418 N. Lake Shore, 416-22 W. Deming, 2650 N. Lakeview, and 505 N. Mcclure Court (Parkview), but more could soon be on the way.

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