Where to go in the Gold Coast For Deep Dish Pizza

Posted by Helaine Cohen on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 at 7:25pm.

Deep Dish Pizza in the Gold Coast, Chicago IL The on-going debate about whether deep dish pizza or thin crust pizza is better will likely go on forever, but no matter who you are or which you prefer, it’s hard to argue how tasty deep dish pizza can be, even if you are a thin crust fan. And given the Windy City is the official home of deep dish pizza, we thought we’d highlight just a few of our favorite deep dish joints in one of our favorite downtown Chicago neighborhoods, the Gold Coast. So, if you’re ever in the neighborhood and feel like pizza for dinner, here’s a look at where to go for a great experience.

Lou Malnati’s - 1120 N State St

One of Chicago’s most famous restaurants for deep dish, it’s hard finding a better deep dish experience than Lou Malnati’s. Along with being right in the heart of the neighborhood, is there really a better pizza place in town with better crust? Seriously…

Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta - 864 N State St

Not nearly as popular as Lou Malnati’s, that’s exactly what makes Pizano’s Pizza so popular among Gold Coast locals—it’s deep dish pizza without the tourist crowd! For shorter wait times and some good old fashioned deep dish pizza, you can’t go wrong with Pizano’s.

Giordano’s - 730 N. Rush

An iconic pizza spot that’s actually the company’s flagship location, Giordano’s on Rush Street not only provides some mouth watering deep dish, but also a little history as well, easily making it one of our favorite spots in the Gold Coast for pizza!

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