Just One Chicago ZIP Code Listed in Top 10 Most Expensive Illinois ZIP Codes in 2016

Posted by Helaine Cohen on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 10:15am.

Most Expensive ZIP Codes in Illinois A recent analysis from real estate research firm Property Shark, just one Chicago ZIP code made the list of Illinois’ most expensive ZIP codes in 2016. 

Not surprisingly, North Shore ZIP codes 60043 (Kenilworth), 60093 (Winnetka), and 60022 (Glencoe) were listed as the top three most expensive ZIP codes in the state, followed by 60521 (Hinsdale) and 60045 (Lake Forest) to round out the top five. 

In somewhat of a surprising outcome, ranking No. 6 overall was 60603 (Loop), which edged out other highly sought-after neighborhoods like River North, Old Town, and the Gold Coast. 

Other noteworthy Chicago ZIP codes to make the Top 50 included 60614 (No. 12), 60622 (No. 19), 60601 (No. 24),  60654 (No. 26), and 60642 (No. 27). 

For a complete list of the most expensive ZIP codes in Illinois, swing over to Property Shark to see what other cities, towns, and neighborhoods in Chicago made the cut. 

Helaine Cohen, Chicago Real Estate Broker

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